Some things never change. Top 10 outdoor games.

Here's 10 popular outdoor games that continue to be kid favorites.

1. Freeze Tag- Its simple. Someone is the tagger. If the tagger touches you then you're frozen. Last one tagged becomes the new tagger.

2. Horse- Shooting game in basketball. For every missed shot you get a letter. The first player to spell the word "horse" loses.

3. Red Light, Green Light. The commander faces the opposite direction calling out green light which is the command to walk forward or red light which is the command to stop. If you are caught moving by the commander. You're it.

4. Shadow Tag. If the tagger steps on your shadow. You're it!

5. Hide and Seek. Old favorite. Is there anyone who hasn't played?

6. Flashlight Tag- Played at night. With a flashlight. If your in the spotlight. You're it.

7. Hopscotch- Lots of versions. Played the world over. Which is your favorite?

8. Kick the can. Pick teams. Try to kick a ball or can over the other teams endline.

9. Catching Fireflys. Summer favorite. The glow.

10. Handball. It's a Peaceful Playgrounds favorite. Check it out.

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