Painting a Peaceful Playground

A special thanks to Jacki Lugg who sent these great pictures of summer playground painting. Won't kids be surprised to return to school and see the fun Peaceful Playgrounds games and activities that await them?

Steps to Paint Hopscotch Court using
Peaceful Playgrounds Roll-Out Stencils

Step 1- Roll out stencil for hopscotch and chalk in the dots to form court outline template.

Step 2- Lift stencil and fill in the dots of the outline of the court.

Step 3- Start painting in the background color.

Step 4- Find number stencils. Use stencil to fill in numbers on court.

Step 5- Fill in chalked dots to form numbers.

Step 6 Chalk in all numbers by connecting the dots.

Step 7-A perfectly painted hopscotch court.