Peaceful Playgrounds Program Alive and Well

From the Cabrillo PTA Newsletter
Peaceful Playgrounds Still Going Strong After 5 Years.

Five years ago, unsafe playground equipment was
removed at Cabrillo, leaving students with little to do
at recess. Faded blacktop markings were hard to see,
students became restless, and problems were
commonplace. Recess was no fun anymore.
Unresolved playground conflicts soon spilled over
into the classrooms. "Wouldn't it be nice," thought
our entire staff, "to look out over our playground and
see children laughing and playing together, and
supervisors observing this phenomenon without
raising their voices or their blood pressures?" It
seemed almost more than we could imagine, until we
found help from the Peaceful Playgrounds Program.
A consistent set of school-wide games and rules
were developed and taught to the students.
Equipment and colorful blacktop markings were
made available to students to help them play these
games. Students were taught strategies to solve mostconflicts on their own.

The result...recess was fun again! Students were
spending more time playing games and having fun,
and less time arguing and getting into trouble.
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Cabrillo's
entire staff, and our PTA's continued support, we can
proudly announce that Cabrillo's playground
continues to be a fun and safe place to play!
For more information about the Peaceful
Playgrounds Program, you can visit their Website at