PE in our nations schools: Health community commentary

I ran across a nice piece entitled: PE in Our Nation’s Schools A case of "many children left behind" and a nice "FIT" for health care by Dr. Mike McGee on the Health Commentary website.

His position is that it is time to take on the issue of the lack of physical education in schools, which more and more advocates are characterizing as a public health issue. As more of a typical child's school day is given over to math or reading instruction, time for physical activity--recess or physical education -- has all but evaporated in many schools. A number of education and public health advocates are quite concerned about the public health implications of childhood obesity coupled with the erosion of physical/health education."

The article addresses the childhood obesity crisis, and cites data from the CDC and public policy reports on the issue. In conclusion the article looks at " The Fit Kids Act" legislation now before congress and concludes, "The Fit Kids Act sounds like a great "fit" for advancing this nation's preventive health.

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