Childhood Obesity Gaining Attention While Leveling Off

Last week there were an abundance of articles and news coverage regarding the Journal of the American Medical Association (CDC data) study that found U.S. childhood obesity rates may be leveling off after surging for more than two decades. I found it difficult to get very excited about these new revelations. I will admit that "leveling off" is better than "gaining" (no pun intended) .

It reminds me of the visual of a boat floating down stream full of water and slowly sinking. True is may not be taking on anymore water but the requirement to maneuver around the next bend will predictably bring on a "sinking sensation" literally.

Sure. Holding steady is better than a dam breaking but let's not kid ourselves. In the study, "overall, nearly 32 percent of kids are considered overweight, roughly 16 percent were considered obese, and approximately 11 percent were considered extremely obese." It's nothing to write home about and will continue to make blogging headlines for some time.