Pass Fitness Test or Repeat PE

For freshmen students in California Public Schools physical fitness testing has a new meaning this year.

Pass 5 out of 6 fitness items or continue taking PE until you do. California's high schools have traditionally worked around Education Code and exempted students from taking PE in 11th and 12 grade. This year that will change as a result of the new legislation.

Under legislation taking effect this school year by Sen. Tom Torlakson, D-Antioch, many freshmen now must pass five of the six fitness tests this spring or face a significant new consequence this fall: Those who fail must take physical education again as sophomores, where they will face the same testing hurdles. Each year that they continue to fail two or more tests means another year of P. E.

In two schools districts in central California last year about 67 percent of ninth-graders met the five-out-of-six passing rate. District representatives expect that number to rise this spring because the tests have been such a big focus this year.

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