A good reminder: Drawstrings a choking hazard

Boston apparel maker Life is good Inc. has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle claims that it distributed children's sweatshirts with drawstrings that could be hazardous and failed to notify government regulators about it according to the Boston Globe.

The drawstrings have caused injuries and even death when they have gotten tangled on such items as playground equipment, bus doors, and cribs, regulators said. No one was reported injured by the Life is Good sports wear according to authorities thanks to a prompt recall. However such events serve as a timely reminder to school personnel that they should be aware of the danger of drawstrings in kids sweatshirts and remove them if necessary.

"The apparel industry needs to get in compliance across the board with these guidelines. ... The impact of not complying with it can be deadly," according to a CPSC spokesperson.