May 1st is RSS Awareness Day

I think RSS feeds are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Well, almost. When I stumbled upon (no pun intended) RSS feeds last year I found my life getting organized and my mailbox shrinking. Yes. Shrinking. Spam filters were "heaven sent" but RSS feeds make life "heavenly".

Are you a believer? Few have joined the club according to the Pew Internet Project which cites, "back in 2005 only 5% of the Internet users said they were using RSS aggregators or XML readers to get the news and other information delivered from blogs and content-rich Web sites as it is posted online. Even today only a very small percentage of the Internet population is aware of the RSS format and its benefits.

Here's a short You Tube video entitled: RSS in Plain English by Lee LeFever about how to get started with RSS.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format used to deliver information from websites and pages that get updated regularly. An RSS document (which is called feed) contains either a summary or the full content from a website. What to learn more? Check out the RSS Awareness Day.

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