Gyms sign new members-KIDS!

According to 9 year old Sydnie the gym situation is working out just fine because: "the adults don't really bother us because we're doing our own thing and they're doing theirs."

Sydnie's mom has a different perspective: " bringing the kids to the gym with me is a way for me to show, not 'tell' them that I work out, too, to be healthy." She adds that "it's a nice combination for a busy parent to have that option of working out at the same time."

Parents are increasingly looking for ways to keep kids active as childhood obesity, and the health complications that stem from it, have become a growing problem in the U.S. So, seeing an opportunity to expand their market, these establishments are stepping in and offering specific classes for children of various ages, including gymnastics, martial arts and swimming. They also are carving out times to allow kids to use gym equipment and even work out with a personal trainer. And parents get the added benefit of being able to work out at the same time.

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