Putting an End to Playgrounds Arguments

Peaceful Playgrounds research identified five problems consistently occuring on most elementary school playgrounds. Inconsistent game rules was one of those five problems.

"Children were playing by different game rules and this lead to arguments, frustration and sometimes physical confrontations," according the Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer, Peaceful Playgrounds President. Further, we found that rarely were children taught either the rules of the games or "how to play".

To solve this problem Peaceful Playgrounds has designed a ground-breaking set of three DVD’s and three accompanying Rules Guides which are now available. Teachers and students alike, can use them to easily learn "how to play" many exciting and constructive playgrounds games!

Navigate the easy-to-use menus to select any of over 25 games-actually filmed being played by real students- games for Preschool/Kindergarten, Primary Grades 1-3 & Upper Elementary Grades 4-6.

These are all the games students will love, like Frog in the Sea, Scramble, Freezeout, Four Square and many more!

Download Peaceful Playgrounds Instructional Games DVDs and Rules Guide Flyer.