Architects and Planners Join to Curb Obesity

The British govt has decided to cure obesity with better designs – by roping in architects and town planners in its drive against the disease.

The proposal also calls for schools and employers to encourage “active travel”, by creating new walking and cycle routes, re-allocating parking places to cyclists and introducing more speed humps and other traffic calming measures.

The flab-fighting proposals drawn up by officials at the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice), also recommends marking out playgrounds with different colored areas, to “encourage varied, physically active play by creating zones for different types of activity such as traditional (and other) individual and team games.”

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The guidance was approved by Nice’s board last week and is to be sent to planning offices across the country over the next few days. Nice has already suggested that pedometers could be made available on the NHS and has backed “exercise referral schemes” which introduce fat patients to personal trainers.

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