Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer

Our US Map Contest Winners June 2009,
First Lutheran Elementary in Arkansas,
did a beautiful job painting their US Map!
The once common middle school recess has all but disappeared in recent years. But in Wichita, Kansas recess is making a comeback. Truesdell Middle School principal, Jennifer Sinclair points out that "even prisoners get yard time." She also points out that scheduling, logistics, lack of outdoor play space and concerns over bullying have lead to a reduction in middle school recess.

According to the Truesdell staff the lunch recess se…
A big surprise awaited the students of Pearson Elementary School when school began last week. A group of parents joined forces to convert their school playground into a "Peaceful Playgrounds" by painting educational games and activities just in time for the opening of the new school year. The painting of the multi-use circle shown here is just one of more than 100 games and activities that can be added to the typical school playgrou…