Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer

Our US Map Contest Winners June 2009,
First Lutheran Elementary in Arkansas,
did a beautiful job painting their US Map!
by Andrea Bossenmeyer

Remember South Shore Charter in MA? They were the clever little reporters that were competing with other schools around the nation for the Greenest School Competition. A special thanks to any of our blog followers for voting for them. Good news! They won.
They won a hybrid school bus from IC Bus,
as well as a green audit and approximately $20,000 to use for green improvements. The students themselves will also share a $3,0…
by Andrea Bossenmeyer

Google, one of my favorite companies, has a contest for K-12 students. They are inviting students to design their logo! Google believes in thinking big and dreaming big, so therefore their contest theme is, "If I Could Do Anything, I Would …"

The deadline to register is March 17th and the deadline for entries is March 31. Don't delay! The winning doodle will be featured on our homepage on May 27, 201…