Safeway Inc. supports helping kids stay healthy

Tired of grant writing for your PE or recess equipment? Here's an opportunity using an e-script program to avoid those long hours of writing.

Fitness and good nutrition are important for a healthy life and a priority for Safeway.

With fitness and nutrition programs being reduced or even eliminated in schools, Safeway Inc. is asking that 20% of more than $20 million that it donates be allocated to fitness and nutrition programs.

Safeway's successful eScrip program allows customers to earn money for the school of their choice just by shopping with their Safeway Club Card. Each school can earn up to $25,000 annually. Schools can use the 20% allocated funds for a broad range of physical and nutrition programs and expenditures, such as fitness activities, sports equipment, nutrition or health speakers, and healthy food options on the school lunch menu.

Click here for rules and eligibility.