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Question from a customer on U.S. Map Playground Stencil

I notice that the paint you recommend for painting your United States Map Stencil 100% acrylic latex paint. Is this the same stuff I can buy in any Home Depot or Lowes for painting a house? What is your experience with how long this paint usually lasts when it's out in the elements all the time (I live in Las Vegas)? I am painting the map with my son as a scout project and we want to make it last as long as possible but don't want to spend an incredible amount on paint. Most paint stores are quoting us $50/gallon for special paint to use on pavement and we honestly don't have that kind of budget. Any recommendations you can offer would be appreciated.
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It is very important to use the correct paint which is used for painting parking lots or street markings. It is NOT acrylic latex house paint. That type of paint will begin to peel off within a short period of time.

YES. You definitely can buy the paint that you need from Home Depot or Lowes! You should ask for "striping machine paint" or parking lot paint. We recommend that you buy it in the can and roll it on with a paint roller. Spray paint for the U.S. Map is much harder to use. We use the spray paint for the paint machine only for straight lines. You should anticipate paying about $20 per gallon for parking lot or stripers paint from Home Depot or Lowes. For the U. S. Map we recommend buying quart size cans and using multiple colors which makes the map more colorful and appealing.

Here's also a link to a short video of the process of painting the playground.

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