Peaceful Playgrounds Webinar : Q & A

Q: About how long is it before games need to be repainted.

A: It all depends on the climate in your area. If you live in California and its sunny and rarely rains, it will last approximately 5-7 years. If you live in Chicago, where it’s windy, rainy, snowy it could last about 3-5 years. However, one point I like to make is paint is inexpensive, and once your lines are down, it is VERY QUICK AND EASY to paint over the lines you currently have!

Q: Do you need to have separate spaces for primary and intermediate students if they are outside at the same time?

A: The answer is no, you do not have to have separate spaces but you could do so if you wanted. Each blueprint has the games spaced out in with a certain amount of space as safety zones in between games. If you follow the blueprints then you don’t need to worry about the kids out to recess at the same time. It should be noted, with lots of game choices students are typically spread out though out the game playing areas.

Q: How much is the on-site training and/or the online training.

A: The on-site training is $1450 plus travel expenses. We highly recommend the on-site training because in researching the schools that bought the programs, we discovered the schools who had an on-site training were overall happier with the program, had full staff buy-in to the idea, and implemented all five components of the program. Don’t let the travel expenses scare you either, we have trainers all over the United States. So if you live in NY, don’t worry that you’ll be paying to fly someone in from California.

The online training is $29 per course per individual. Additionally, we have special rates for schools and districts depending on the number of users.

Q: Are there any specific examples of participants resistance to change and how it is handled?

A: Usually when we discover schools are having difficulty implementing the program, there is a lack of understanding about the program and the program philosophy and/or B) the staff may need on-site training.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind site licensed schools that WE are here to help YOU. If you have any implementation questions or need any troubleshooting you can call our offices between 7AM and 4PM Mon-Fri PST or email us at