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Hello -- I am emailing you because despite my best intentions, I am finding it impossible to be available during the school day for these webinars (I missed last Wednesday's - Peaceful Playground one that I was registered for and can't free up an hour today for the Recess before Lunch) - I imagine that this is not a unique situation since they are geared for school employees, yet broadcast during our direct service times with students, so I'm wondering if there is a solution already in place for folks like me. My tech./media specialist suggested I email you and explain the conflicts and said that perhaps you can post it as a "podcast" (???) for me to view outside of school hours.

I would appreciate any consideration and help as I think that your topics address are vital and would love to see both if possible

Marjorie Russell
Social Development Coordinator - Essex Elementary School

Peaceful Playgrounds Response.............
We will try to tape the webinar today and send the audio file. I will also see about offering some webinars later in the day to see if the attendance changes. We are getting really good attendance with the mid-day webinars but I'm certainly open to suggestions.

Here's the link to a podcast on the topic of Recess Before Lunch which is very much like the webinar.

We also have a featured article on Recess Before Lunch and a number of resources posted there as well. Please check it out. I'm sure you will find it helpful.

Other featured articles that you might be interested in can be found at:

Thanks for the inquiry and suggestion!

Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D.
Peaceful Playgrounds, Inc.

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