SF School Playgrounds Serve as Great Public Play Spaces

Contrary to popular belief last fall, SF school playgrounds are proving to be safe public play spaces for children. For the past 30 years most California schools have closed their playgrounds and fields to the public fearing that the schools would be vandalized. In SF however, the pilot of 11 schools playgrounds open for public use for the past year is proving to do just the opposite. Participating schools so far say the extra traffic actually keeps campuses safer, according to Chris Armentrout, director of development and government relations for the district.

Each site was picked to serve an area where there aren’t many other play options. The school district and Recreation and Park Department share responsibility for them, with park patrols swinging by to unlock and lock gates, and school janitors making sure to sweep up and secure sites on Sunday evenings, officials said.

SF School Playgrounds