Grant Writing for the Beginner - Webinar

The list below are the questions and answers discussed after the Grant Writing for the Beginner Webinar conducted on Friday, Nov. 21.

1. Q. Are all schools considered 501(c)3's?

A. No. For profit schools would not have this status. However, private schools, charter schools and public schools fall under the non-profit 501(c)3 category.

2. Q. Are schools in lower socioeconomic areas more likely to get a grant funded?
A. It depends on the grant criteria. Some grants give extra points representing a slight advantage for this however most do not.

3. Q. What is the typical turn around for finding out if a grant is funded?
A. This varies according to the grant. However, it is perfectly acceptable to call the funder and ask when the winning grants will be announced.

4. Q. Is a grant more likely to be funded if it comes from the school instead of the PTA/PTO.
A. This shouldn't matter, so funding would not be effected.

5. Q. Is it necessary that a grant is written for a specific funder or can a grant be used more than once?
A. Grants can be written for more than one funder however, specific requirements for specific grants may require slight modifications.

6. Q. Do schools get preferential treatment over other groups when it comes to getting grants funded?
A. Not usually unless the grant specifics identify a certain group they intend to fund.

7. Q. If we follow the grant outline discussed in this webinar will it guarantee us the grant will get funded?
A. There are no guarantees in grant writing. You are always at the mercy of the grant reader who scores the grants which determines which grants get funded.

8. Q. What information and grant writing assistance is available through Peaceful Playgrounds?
A. Grant templates, sample budgets, sample grants, grants newsletter, grants webinars, and PEP grant writing assistance.