Making Food Fun and Mighty Moves

Journal Advocate Sterling, CO

If you’ve ever tried to get a child to eat a new kind of food, you know it can be challenging. That’s why a group at Colorado State University has developed the Food Friends Program.

The program, which is currently being used by Iliff Head Start, has two parts. One involves trying new foods, which Joan Marin, a teacher at Head Start said they’ve been doing for six or seven years now. The other, “Food Friends Get Movin’ with Mighty Moves,” is new and they’ve just started implementing it at Head Start.

“It’s been a big success,” Marin said.

The Mighty Moves program was developed as an effort to improve the Food Friends programs’ overall efforts to establish healthful habits and prevent childhood overweight early in life. During the 2006-07 school year, a research study was conducted in eight Colorado Head Start programs with the aim to increase physical fitness, gross motor skills and physical activity levels in young children.

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