BMI added to report cards? A possible solution?

From Capitol News, Channel 9, NY by Kaitlyn Ross

Math...A+. Science...B-. Body Mass Index?

Registered Dietitian Judy Carr, said, "There's been a lot of discussion and a lot of debate as to whether this should be included in a child's report card."

The ratio of your child's height to weight could soon make on the report card right next to reading, writing and arithmetic.

Both Arkansas and Illinois have passed legislation, and it's been proposed in a number of other states, including right here in New York.

Local dietitians are trying to take a step in the right direction -- away from obesity. In order to reach their goal, some are advocating for a radical approach. Kaitlyn Ross reports.

Carr said, "Some of the statistics coming out of these states have really been incredible, about the change in BMI and also in the healthful lifestyle and actually an improvement in attendance and report cards of these kids."
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