Keeping Kids Cool at School

As most of the nation heads back to school facing triple digit heat schools face the challenges associated with outdoor recess and overheated classrooms.

Parents and schools working together can mitigate this problem and keep kids safe.

Parents can send their children to school ready to deal with the heat by:
  • sending students in light-weight, loose-fitting, cotton clothing
  • make sure kids have a caps with brims that protect the face
  • send child with small water bottle on hot day
  • talk to their child about dangers of getting overheated.
Schools can:
  • allow water bottles at school so that teachers make sure their students have access to plenty of liquids.
  • limit recess time outdoors
  • encourage sipping water frequently after time spent following physical activity
  • teach students warning signs of heat exhaustion
  • when possible conduct activities in the shade
  • minimize time spent on hot asphalt playgrounds