Employee Fitness Incentives

Hawaii companies are recognizing that it's cheaper to keep employees healthy than hire new ones.

More and more Hawaii businesses have come to realize that fit employees make for fit companies. There's a growing recognition among Hawaii companies that obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, sleep disorders and anxiety prevent employees from doing their jobs, as well as raise insurance premiums and health-care costs. Island companies are doing everything from giving out $2,000 bonuses to employees who stop smoking to paying for hula and fitness classes, and even setting up company gyms. They also are offering massage and setting up company gardens. And, they're setting up employees with support services that range from nutritionist to personal trainers. Employers are now routinely offering workers higher wages and better benefits to help counteract the struggle to find and retain skilled employees in one of the nation's most robust job markets. And, since health-care premiums keep rising, those with an eye to the future are making sure that some of those benefits emphasize employee wellness.

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