TV-Turnoff Week is April 23-29, 2007.

TV-Turnoff Network is a nonprofit organization that encourages children and adults to watch much less television in order to promote healthier lives and communities. TV-Turnoff Week is April 23-29, 2007.

Go to: to find interesting fact sheets, a free 30 page online activity book, and 101 screen-free activities you can use. Learn about TV's effect on our health, family time, and children's academic success and share it with your students and their families.

Why Turn off the TV?
Television cuts into family time, harms our children's ability to read and succeed in school, and contributes to unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. Here are just a few of the facts:

  • On average, children in the US will spend more time in front of the television (1,023 hours) than in school this year (900 hours).
  • Forty percent of Americans frequently or always watch television during dinner.
  • As US Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher said at the Kick Off of TV-Turnoff Week 2001, "We are raising the most overweight generation of youngsters in American history...This week is about saving lives."
TV-Turnoff Network has helped millions of people to turn off the TV. Their two primary programs, TV-Turnoff Week and More Reading, Less TV, help people, especially children, to turn off TV and turn on life.

Don't forget to download your, "Turn Off TV Week Certificate of Achievement."
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