Axe Sweets in School and Kids Benefit

Looking for ways to reduce childhood obesity? Here's the good news. Schools make a difference. Yet another study indicates that school policies have a positive effect on children's eating. A new study released in Sweden by the medical university Karolinska Institute indicates that childhood obesity rates fell by 6 percent for kids from 6-10 year olds when their school introduced specific rules for sweets and food/drinks. The research called: STOPP (Stockholm Obesity Prevention Project) indicates that programs designed to reduce the increasing obesity can be carried out successfully in schools. The best part. No increase is existing budgets.

The four year study yeilded interesting results:
Control school saw a 3% increase in childhood obesity rates and the intervention schools which limited sweets etc, saw a 6% decrease in overweight children. For more information on the: Stockholm Obesity Prevention Project

Nutrition is one side of the coin and physical activity is the other. How can we get children more physical active in schools? Visit Peaceful Playgrounds Research to learn how schools are adding markings to their playgrounds and getting kids moving.