How to use pedometers with children

Have you considered using pedometers with children? This webinar will provide some basics strategies for building a motivating walking program with children.We Count is a research-based walking program that includes information, parent and student newsletters, mini-lessons, motivational materials, and more for getting kids moving. This free webinar teaches participants how to make those steps count toward bett…
We Count Student Walking Program Curriculum$249.99

The We Count Student Walking Program Curriculum includes: progress charts, parent letter, step logs, certificates, music CD and more Need to put a spark into your walking program?  Revitalize your program today! Curriculum kit comes with a Site License for use at a single school site.  The Master Set of all materials and  Curriculum CD  can be used over and over again at a single school site.
We Count! Student Walking Program$399.99

Complete program set includes 10 single function pedometers, progress charts, parent letter, step log, certificate and motivational stickers along with teacher materials on CD. More information on the We Count Student Walking Program