Principal's testimonial of effects of Peaceful Playgrounds on her school site.

1) Significant decrease in office discipline referrals
2) More kids playing cooperatively
3) More kids joining into games
4) Staff enjoying learning playground games

Peaceful Playgrounds Comprehensive Kit

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The obesity epidemic has spurred many parents to try to get their kids to spend less time in front of the TV or computer and more time running around outside. But a new study suggests that kids who exercise aren’t only in better physical shape; they’re happier, too.

Canadian researcher Mark Holder and colleagues asked 375 children, ages 8-12, about what they did for fun, paying special attention to the amount of time the kids said they spent in “…
">I’ve just watched the best story on 60 Minutes and can’t wait to share it with all the Recess Blog Readers! As we all know obesity is a problem, not just for our children but the nation. One revolutionary woman, Alice Waters, has been campaigning for the cause of healthy organic eating for well over 30 years. She first started by opening her restaurant Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, CA. The Chez provides all its menu items with loc…
Have you ever wondered why children are beginning to spend less and less time outside?

An article in the NY Times suggests its the what they call, "the flip flop factor." Outdoor play at day care centers is often stifled because a child arrives wearing flip-flops or without a coat or because teachers don’t feel like going outside.

A study by Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center held focus groups with staff member…