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October has been set aside for preventing bullying. The Teaching Tolerance website has a documentary accompanied by lesson plans and staff trainings. They'll send it to you free if you sign up at their website.

Featured Articles on Bullying.

Bullying Prevention. Life's lessons in good and evil.

Why bullying programs succeed or fail.
Being chosen doesn't make you a hero. Who you choose does. "Batman"

This quote comes from Matt Langdon creator of the Hero Workshop. To find out more about the Hero Workshop and Hero Blog click here.
In the Hero Workshop "students learn that they are the hero in their own story and the workshop readings and activities encourages them to behave heroically in their lives." Through exposure to true heroes and their journeys, students will have models to help them with the decisions and challenges life throws at them – especially the trials of school.

The aim of the program is to show young people that by doing the little things every d…
A part of the search for Everyday Heroes today we turn to CNN and their November campaign to acknowledge modern heroes.

CNN's global initiative "CNN Heroes" is showcasing examples of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary deeds.

A great teacher resource for teaching about everyday heroes is the CNN Teacher/Student Hero resource link designed to discuss everyday heroes with students.

"CNN Heroes" spotlights and c…
This past week I had the pleasure of meeting with approximately 20 like minded individuals in Houston, Texas as part of Hero Camp. The theme of the camp was "Changing the World... One Hero At A Time." We met to develop a curriculum for schools that would nurture the "Everyday Hero" in each of us.

HeroCamp was inspired by the Zimbardo talk given at TED 2008 by Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, the academic behind the Stanford Prison E…