The Benefits of Team Sports and Why Team Sports are Declining
By Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer

Reasons Team Sports Participation in Decline

Did you know that participation in team sports has declined in recent years? According to the Aspen Institute, in 2018, only 38% of children participated in a team sport, down from 45% in 2008. There are a few reasons for this decline, including:

The rising cost of youth sports. The cost of equipment, travel, and registration fees has made it difficult for some families to afford to participate in team sports.2. The increasing time commitment required for team sports. Many youth sports leagues now require players to commit to multiple practices and games per week, which can be a burden for families with busy schedules. Many high school athletics teams now require a year-round commitment to a sport including summer leagues or travel ball and practices leaving little time for other team sports participation.

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