Fundamental Movement Program: A digital physical education program contains the ingredients of a uniquely designed physical education program for preschool thru the third grade.  The skill-based guide was designed for quick reference and is filled with activities kids love!
Teachers will appreciate the checklists, award certificates, and assessments which aide in monitoring student progress in the eleven areas: Balance, Body and Space Awareness, Eye-Foot Coordination, Hand-Eye Coordination, Jumping and Sequencing, Locomotor Movements, Social Skill Development, Fitness, Skill Development through Games, Small Motor Coordination and Total Body Coordination.  Skills Task Cards for each theme makes teaching easy for even the least experienced teacher.  Tablets make the program an inexpensive option that ensures lesson plans and activities are never more than a click away.
The program is based around 11 themes and each theme includes a teacher guide, a student checklist, a participation certificate, a set of task cards (which can be displayed on a tablet or phone), Lesson Objectives Reporting Forms, Assessment Grids, as well as a Parent Page to keep parents involved and supportive of the physical education experience.
This program includes lots of Teacher Ready-Made Materials including 9 sets of Brain Breaks, Physical Education Posters, Anti-Bullying Posters, Be Active Poster Set, Exercise and Workout Card Sets and so much more!