PLAYGROUND SUPERVISION: A How-To Guide For Playground Supervision

The book will include:
Chapter 1 includes Featured Articles on Playground Supervision Reduces Injuries, People Make a Difference on the Playground, Playground Supervision Accident or Injury, The Effects of Peaceful Playgrounds on Injuries and Playgrounds Can Be Safe: Injury Reduction.
Chapter 2 includes Tip Sheets for playground supervisors to take to the playground or to hand out to playground supervisors at the beginning of the school year: Playground Supervisors Tip Sheet,  Ten Tips for Improving Playground Supervision, Tips and Techniques for Supervising the Playground, How to Respond to Discipline Issues on the Playground, and a sheet on Playground Supervisor’s Instructions.
Chapter 3 Consists of forms that may be helpful in supervising the playground including Equipment Checkout Form, Playground Behavior Reports, and a  Public Playground Safety Checklist and an article on Handling Emergencies on the Playground.
Chapter 4: Guides consist of various guides for the playground including A Playground Supervisor’s Guide and information on download two free guides 1) Dirty Dozen Playground Injuries and the Playground Safety Handbook from the CPSC. 
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