One Minute Playground Tip- Freeze Bell

This one-minute -playground tip video is about the benefits of a Freeze Bell when recess ends.

Our research indicates that 43% of student injuries (on the playground) occurred when students were going to and coming from the playground.  So the solution we put Into place was to institute a freeze bell where when the recess bell rang. 

We instituted another procedure that when the playground supervisors blew the whistle then students were to walk and put away the equipment and walk back to class in an orderly manner.

We enforced walking after the bell by having supervisors give out pink slips to the runners.  To the students who were walking they said,  “thank you for walking” to the compliant students or gave them a good sports coupon which is a reward in the Peaceful Playgrounds Program kit.

Thank you for attending this one-minute playground tip session on implementing a Freeze Bell.  We hope you join us again and check out our YouTube Channel for other playground tips.

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