Grow 4 It!

This blog post is written by Paul Rosengard consultant to the Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation.  Follow Paul at  @paulrosengard

Today's physical education teachers, youth leaders, coaches and parents are so lucky!

Before and after I began teaching/coaching in the 70's, I would have to drive to a library to view the only resources available to me at the time, books and magazines. Navigating my way through the Dewey decimal system, I'd wander different sections of the building hoping to find a small gem in the very limited selection for my chosen profession.

Fast forward to present day and I can access books, publications, data, and more, instantly from my smart phone -- from the comfort of my couch with Scout (our Labradoodle) on my lap! Plus, instead of only having a small group of allies to communicate with, thanks to social media, there is a network of thousands of like minded individuals willing to share their tools, thoughts and experiences.

Now what does all that have to do with the title of this blog, Grow 4 It!? Grow 4 It! is an acronym that encourages all of us to utilize the countless resources available in BIG and BOLD ways!

The next post will start off the series by examining the G in Grow which stands for Gather. I'll talk about where you can go to access effective content and methodologies that could enhance your program, your teaching, and your PLN (Professional Learning Network).

Stay tuned! Grow 4 It! Ideas coming soon!

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