Moving and Learning

 Naperville, IL first period programming  leads to increased academic performance through physical activity  in physical education classes.

This short video speaks to the physical education course  activities, as well as, Brain Breaks within the math and language classes.

View a short news reports on the program.
 Additional information about the program.

What some brain break ideas?

Theme Brain Breaks :  Peaceful Playgrounds Activity Cards

Peaceful Playgrounds Theme Brain Break Cards have multiple uses.  As a refreshing break in the classroom so that students can focus when they return to indoor classroom academic work.  They are also great for physical education indoors or outside.  They are perfect for indoor recess when the weather dictates that children remain inside.

They are designed to be led by teachers, aides, physical education teachers, after school staff, recreation staff and are appropriate for  early childhood educators.  After the cards are introduced to students then student leaders can also lead activities.   The are also good for instant activities or sponge activities.