Aetna Healthy Eating Active Living Grants

Aetna Healthy Eating Active Living Grants

Organization: Aetna  Foundation: Regional Grants

Purpose:  The Aetna Foundation Regional Grants Program – GoLocal: Cultivating Healthy Communities – funds community wellness initiatives aligned with our Healthy Eating and Active Living focus area in our designated funding locations. Grants will support local initiatives that promote eating fresh fruits and vegetables and being physically active, which can help to prevent obesity and many chronic health conditions. Grants will target underserved, low-income and minority communities.

Amount: $25,000-50,000

Funding Cycle:
Cycle 1:  April 10 to June 5, 2014, 5:00 pm EDT
Cycle 2:  June 16 to July 30, 2014, 5:00 pm EDT


Peaceful Playgrounds Grant Resources.

Grant Writing Templates.

School Grants Database

Physical Activity Programming

Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program
Design permanent playground activities that help make activity time more positive and productive: alphabet and number grids, hopping and skipping lines, and multi-use circles and squares are just a few of the nearly 100 activities that can be added.

Fitness Fun Zone
The Fitness Fun Zone is a one-of-a-kind evidence-based physical activity court designed to accommodate 1 to 50 individuals of various fitness abilities.
This Fitness Fun Zone outdoor court includes multiple game and activity applications that incorporate fitness and nutrition.

We Count Student Walking Program
The We Count Walking Program uses pedometers as an aid to kids in fighting fat. The complete program kit ensures your success with the We Count! Walking Program. Each set includes 12 Student pedometers, 1 Teacher pedometer, progress charts, certificates, logs, newsletters and motivational stickers. The program’s design is based on research that indicates that inexpensive step-counting devices (pedometers) motivate and educate kids to walk and be more active, thereby impacting the alarming number of overweight children. This innovative new program  is designed to get kids fit with the slogan, “Get Fit, Don’t Sit”.

To Go Indoor Games for Recess and PE

 The new 2 Go Indoor Games Program Kit includes everything you need to create and implement an exciting indoor Peaceful Playground activity in your classroom, church or daycare center. The perfect solution for after school programs, rainy/snow day activities, physical education stations, volunteer led activities, youth groups, YMCA’s and many more. Great for Response to Intervention activities. 2 Go Games  for Indoor Recess  activities are highly motivating as kids think they are playing games, making learning fun. 2 Go Games are ideal for classroom stations and the table cards allow for 30 students to participate in each game. Integrated learning through movement activities introducing and enforcing academic concepts in a fun learning environment.