Supervision cited in playground lawsuit

A lawsuit against a public school district was filed in 2011 by a 7 year old student's mother.  Megan L. Chang-Ngaruiya, the attorney on the case, stated “This case was pursued by our clients to bring attention to the need for increased supervision of students." It is reported by website that McGee Elementary has settled for $150,000.

The lawsuit stated that playground supervision was inadequate for the following reasons:
"School playground supervisors had the duty and ability to oversee, supervise, and ensure the safety of students."  The suit further asserted that although other students saw these incidents occur, none of the employees and/or agents of the Pasco School District No. 1 saw or observed it.

The lawsuit alleged that the Pasco School District was:
1. negligent,
2.  failed to supervise, and
3. failed to implement and enforce policies and
4. failed to implement  procedures to protect the safety of its students.

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