What goes wrong on the school playground?

School Playgrounds

HI. I’m Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer, President and Founder of Peaceful Playgrounds.

I’m here today to talk to you about why I invented the  Peaceful Playgrounds Program.

When I was an elementary school principal I had a long line of students outside my door each day. So I set out to determine what goes wrong on the typical school playground and then to put solutions into place. We identified 5 problems and put 5 solutions to those problems  and we call that the Peaceful Playgrounds Creed.

<< Peaceful Playgrounds Creed

 One of the problems that we identified is that children did not have enough to do on the typical school playground.

One of the problems that we discovered is that children do not have enough developmentally appropriate games and activities on the typical school playground.

So we invented 100 games and markings so that kids could be more active and engaged in game play.

A marking is like hopscotch or four square. They’re painted on the playgrounds so that they’re there permanently so that kids can see and play those games.

And when children are involved in games children will have more to do.  Because when children are actively involved in games then you have fewer problems.

If you would like to learn more about other solutions that we identified. Then please visit our website at www.peacefulplaygrounds.com   And join more that 8000 schools across the nation that are enjoying the benefits of the Peaceful Playground Program.