Chicago Parents Plan a Play In

You've heard of sit-in?   A few years back ( well, quite a few years back) they were as popular as "peaceful demonstrations".  Well some Chicago students and parents organized a "play in" earlier this week at Chicago Public Schools Headquarters.

Chicago parents are upset that CPS does not have a  mandatory recess period.  It is up to an individual school and teachers whether to offer recess.  Some parents think that is "old school" thinking recognizing that current thinking and research justifies recess time is "time well spent".

Some schools did schedule recess this year after decades with it.  "Play is the right of young children," said Kirstin Robert, a preschool teacher at Belmont Cragin Early Childhood Center. "Play is how young children explore the world, how they build relationships, how they experiment."

Perhaps school officials missed the CDC report on the importance of play called:  The Association Between School Based Physical Activity including Physical Education And Academic Performance. 

Perhaps they haven't read the CDC infographic:  The more they burn, the more they learn?

It seems school officials missed an important lesson.