Waiting for Superman Movie Pledge

Contributed by JC Boushh

With the school year fast approaching a new film by Paramount Pictures is ready for release on September 24. Waiting for Superman examines the current state and continuing crisis of our public education system through the stories of several students. The film’s Director Davis Guggenheim states in the film’s press release; "I made this film for and about kids and their parents, struggling to get a quality education in the United States, and it is inspiring to see the momentum pick up as people really begin to rally behind it". Guggenheim hopes to inspire and mobilize students, teachers, parents, and administrators into not only take a hard look at or current education system, but to rally them to be advocates and the voice of change to fix the public school system.

In an effort to publicize the upcoming release of the documentary the film’s producers have partnered with DonorsChoose.org to offer the public $5 gift cards to every person who pledges to see the film by September 15th when the "Take the Pledge" campaign reaches 30,000 people pledged to see the movie. In addition OfficeMax(R) aligning their "A Day Made Better" program will boost their annual awards program to include an additional 40 U.S teachers when the movie viewing pledge reaches 40,000. The "A Day Made Better" program helps defray the out-of-pocket expenditures on school supplies by dedicated teachers by awarding 1,000 outstanding teachers with $1,000 in school supplies.

Funding and grants related to not only improving our academic system, but students recess time are important tools for teachers and administrators in reforming our current education system. “Principals overwhelmingly believe recess has a positive impact not only on the development of students’ social skills, but also on achievement and learning in the classroom.” (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).

Waiting for Superman opens in theaters September 24th, and the viewing pledge to view the film and receive the gift cards and additional teacher awards ends September 15th.