NASPE Announces PEP Grant Changes for 2011

This is a press release from the NASPE office regarding the 2011 proposed PEP Grant changes.

Obama Administration Proposes Changes to PEP Program for FY 2011

RESTON, VA, February, 2010 – In an effort to streamline the Department of Education (USDE)'s programs and increase effectiveness, the President's FY 2011 budget contains major changes to the PEP grant program. According to the USDE Website, the President's budget proposes to eliminate six programs and consolidate 38 others into 11 new authorities. The PEP program, along with five other programs, would be consolidated into a new authority called "Successful, Safe and Healthy Students."

This new authority comes with a budget request of $410 million, more than all six of the individual program budgets combined in FY 2010. The Department plans to direct funding "to proven or promising practices while providing greater support and technical assistance to grantees."

Congressional Approval Required: Ultimately, Congress will determine the framework and funding levels for all USDE programs. The President's proposal is, in essence, a first draft of the USDE budget. Furthermore, the Administration has not yet provided detailed language as to how the new "Successful, Safe and Healthy Students" authority will function.

NASPE will work tirelessly to ensure that the PEP grant program receives funding as a vital component of the Successful, Safe and Healthy Students authority. During the coming weeks and months, we will communicate with you about how you can advocate to your federal legislators. It will take all of our voices to keep the PEP program going strong.


Q. Is PEP being eliminated?
A. No. The program is being consolidated, along with five other national programs, into a new USDE authority, called "Successful, Safe and Healthy Students."

Q. Will there be money for PEP in FY 2011?
A. The President has proposed funding the new Successful, Safe and Healthy Students authority at an amount greater than all its components were funded in FY 2010.

Q. How does this affect the spring 2010 PEP grant application process?
A. It does not. The funding for new grants to be awarded in 2010 ($30 million) was already appropriated by Congress in the FY 2010 budget. USDE will open the requests for proposals for 2010 grants sometime this spring.

Q. What can I do to support the PEP program?
A. Contact your federal legislators asking for their support for the PEP program as part of the new Successful, Safe and Healthy Students authority within USDE. NASPE and its PEP advocacy partners are asking Congress to fund PEP at $100 million for FY 2011.

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Paula Kun