Data Banks - Kids Health and Fitness

If you are writing grants and need health and fitness statistics then check out the Play Think blog by J.R. Atwood. His post on Data Mining: We've got your numbers cites two such data banks.


Exercising the mind and the body-J.R. Atwood

* offers a tremendous amount of data from all counties, cities, and school districts in California related to the health and well-being of children. Bonus: all information on the site is totally free!

* American Sports Data identifies itself as the specialist in sports participation and fitness research. While most of their reports cost money to access, they have a small collection of articles, press releases, and essays that may be worth browsing, including a report on the subsidization of physical fitness.

Don't forget about:

# KIDS COUNT Clicks: Community-Level Information on Kids

# Poverty Statistics for Every County and School District in the Country