Ten tips for a Peaceful Playground

With the beginning of a new school year just around the corner it is important to consider strategies for creating and maintaining a "peaceful playground." The following list will help staffs to guide peaceful play.

1. Have teachers walk students around the playground on the first day of school.
2. Introduce students to playground rules and procedures (ie. freeze at the bell etc.)
3. Teach safe play on playground structures.
4. Introduce the rules for a new playground game each week.
5. Introduce students to the concept of playground reports (pink slips for inappropriate play).
6. Introduce concepts of Walk, Talk, Rock-Paper-Scissors for problem solving.
7. Add more games to your playground. When kids have game markings, you have fewer problems.
8. Introduce students to playground good-sports-coupons.
9. TRAIN playground supervisors!!!
10. Do not allow students to bring personal equipment or toys from home.

A short video explaining Peaceful Playgrounds Games DVD's.