10 Ideas for Playing Outside

These tips come from the National Wildlife Federation. Be Out There™ - the National Wildlife Federation's initiative to inspire families across America to open the door and get outside! A daily dose of the outdoors improves children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Join the Be Out There movement to get children outside, connecting to nature. The benefits of outdoor play are real: healthier kids with a life-long appreciation of wildlife and nature.

1. Engage the Senses
2. Enjoy The Simple Pleasures
3. Host a Backyard Campout
4. Go On a Photo Safari
5. Buddy Up with the Birds
6. Walk and go on a Family Nature Hunt
7. Grow a Green Thumb. Plant a home garden.
8. Get Dirty! Kids love to dig in the dirt.
9. Bug Off! Tips for catching bugs.
10.Build a sheet Fort