Time Out: Is Recess in Danger Reseach Review

The Center for Public Education has released a mini research review of school recess and contrary to some reports they contend that 9 out of 10 students recess is still alive and well. However, they quote the 2006 CDC Survey (SHPPS) and the 2005 U.S. Department of Education Survey (FRSS 2005) which considers self reporting in which 9 of 10 schools report "scheduling recess." As a retired principal I can attest to the fact that, "scheduling is often very different from an event happening" in schools.

However, the well researched article cites numerous studies and data points with topics such as : shrinking minutes, minority access to recess, and concludes with some advice on take a look at your current recess policies with some general guidelines for establishing recess policies. Well worth a look for those interested in school recess.

Time Out : Is Recess in Danger Mini-Research Review

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