Morning Exercise in America

About 5 years ago I had the opportunity to visit numerous schools throughout different regions in China. An educational phenomena that has stuck with me and left a lasting impression was "morning exercise." In all schools in China, students arrive and then go outside to about 15 minutes of student lead exercises daily. Parks are filled with adults who go through a routine of morning and evening exercises as well.

I ran across the posting below of a "morning exercise" program that is conducted each morning here in America.

POSTING IN THE NATIONAL PHYSICAL EDUCATION TALK LIST SERVE: I teach in a K-4 building and we have a before school program that we call "The Early Morning Workout". This takes place from 7:45 until 8:00 every morning. It is for students who are parent drop-offs, who don't eat breakfast at school. Instead of sitting in the hall, squirming around, we have them come to gym where they can either walk on the white volleyball court line, or jog on the black basketball court line. We play music, and also interject dances such as The Cupid Shuffle, Cha-Cha Slide, Chicken Dance, etc., in the middle of the gym. My teaching
partner and I implemented the program two years ago and it has been
successful. We average from 75-100 students. The students may not sit
or stand around, they must keep moving. We don't mind this duty because
it's on our turf, and we make the rules. The program is orderly and
fun. By the way, we have certain sections of the gym where they put
their coats and back packs when they enter. We divide this by grade
level. We also have them line up, after the workout, and leave through
the door that leads to their classroom hall. Our classroom teachers
appreciate the program because the students come to their classroom
energized, yet calm, with brain cells ready to learn!