The Gratitude Campaign

It's called The Gratitude Campaign. It was a man from the Seattle area's idea to help us all express our graditude to individual soldiers and sailors (both men and women) when we pass them on the street. It's a peaceful 'salute' that can be done from a distance and it saves you the Herculean effort of thinking of just the right words to say to a stranger that has put their life in danger by serving in the US Military. This gentle hand signal will say it all. Click on this web page and tap the "full length movie" words if it doesn't start automatically (it's just a couple of minutes long) If you want to learn more there are other active links on that page too.

No matter what your feelings are about the current war, the people that decided our youth would be in it or your political party during this national campaign season....this is a way to show graditude that it isn't YOU in the trenches by sending a kind, simple signal to those who are! Now I can't wait to get to do this!! I'm planing a trip that will take me half way across the country and will give me the chance in 3 different airports to see a military person and and show them my gratitude for their personal sacrifices. I'm sure I won't have to say "I hope it's all over soon and you can come home for good and peace will fill the world" everybody feels that way! and we're all looking for the people we feel can best lead this country cause that to happen. May God Bless us to cast our votes in such a way!

Click on this web page and pass it on!