New Jersey Legislator to Propose Statewide Mandatory Daily Recess

A group of concerned parents met with state Assemblyman Joseph Malone (R-Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington, Mercer) in his office in Jackson on Nov. 21 to discuss the idea of making student recess mandatory in all New Jersey school districts.

During the meeting Malone presented the parents with a proposed bill that would establish a task force to examine the issue of school recess.

Malone asked the parents to review the bill he said he would propose in the Legislature.

The bill would establish a task force on public school student recess. It states that "it will be the duty of the task force to examine current data, research, programs, and initiatives related to the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual benefits achieved by young students as a result of participation in school recess; identify effective strategies for schools that promote lifelong health and prepare children and youth for physically active lifestyles; examine the extent to which recess is provided to students in school districts across the state of New Jersey; and develop recommendations on the advisability of mandating daily recess in all school districts."

The final outcome of the task force would be to issue a report on its findings to the governor and the Legislature recommending a Statewide Mandatory Daily Recess Requirement.

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