Nickelodeon: New School Grants Added

Nickelodeon has committed an additional $300,000 in awards to the Let's
Just Play Giveaway for October through December 2007. For more
information, visit

Let's Just Play Giveaway Sweepstakes is a unique grant-giving program
that empowers kids to partner with adults for a chance to win $5,000
awards to support fitness, recreation and nutrition programs at their
schools and community-based organization. Kids between the ages of six
and 15 nominate their school or community-based organization by
explaining why they need more resources.

In the past two years, Nickelodeon has awarded $2.2 million in awards to
more than 400 schools and community-based organizations nationwide.
These awards have been used to fund a vast array of projects, including
the purchase of sports equipment for 115 programs, the rebuilding of 114
playgrounds, the support of 41 athletic programs, the purchase of 29
rock climbing walls, and the support of 17 nutrition programs.

Let's Just Play grants have funded numerous Peaceful Playgrounds Programs through out the U.S. Apply Today!