"Youth Garden Grant 2024" 
Purpose: Youth Garden Grants Website: https://kidsgardening.org/grant-opportunities/youth-garden-grant-24/Funding Cycle: AnnualAmount: $500 and a shipment of gardening supplies- $1900.Deadline. Friday, December 15, 2023.
Organization: Walmart Local Community GrantWebsite: http://giving.walmart.com/apply-for-grants/Purpose: Support health and wellness in communitiesFunding Cycle:Grant applications for calendar year 2024 will be accepted on a quarterly basis. Deadlines for submissions are as follows:Quarter 1: Feb 1 – April 15Quarter 2: May 1 – July 15Quarter 3: August 1 – October 15Quarter 4: November 1 – December 31Applications may be submitted at any time durin…
Marching Brain Break Cards Grab this set of Marching Brain Break Cards that’s sure to motivate active learning. Brain Breaks help to focus children, re-energize them, and get them up and moving in a classroom. Students have fun with this Marching “themed” set of 8 brain break cards. Some examples include March Like a Soldier, March Like a Pirate with a Peg Leg, March Like a Skater, and March Like a Rock Star. Printable version * Print pages on card…
Serious accidents which occur in schools typically happen on the playground, and often playground supervision is a contributing factor. In fact, approximately 200,000 accidents each year send children to the emergency room for treatment of an injury which occurred on the school playground. The following tips are designed to increase the quality of the playground supervision in your school, insuring that children are safe on your playground.Order…
The first step in developing a recess program is securing buy-in from the staff. It is crucial that your staff understands the importance of recess, and how it not only makes for a more well- rounded and healthy student, but how it actually enhances learning and academic performance. The American Academy of Pediatrics backs these statements with some research found here: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/131/1/183 

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Why Bullying Programs Succeed or Fail?
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Bullying Prevention Content Library

Have you visited our Bullying Prevent Content Library lately?  It is full of resources that you will find help during October and Bullying Prevention Month.The Bullying Prevention Resources Library can be found here:  https://peacefulplaygrounds.com/bullying-prevention-members/

How to Respond to Bullying Poster 
Download this how-to respond to bullying poster for a bulletin board or print as a visual reminder for your staff.

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