A Public Health Law & Policy Webinar

In many communities, the safest and most convenient places for children to play are school facilities like gyms, sports fields, and playgrounds – but districts often close their property to the public after hours, concerned about liability, security, and maintenance. We'll take you through the nuts and bolts of how to create contracts that expand access to school grounds with schools, local government,…
Physical Activity Used as Punishment - This position statement addresses the inappropriate use of or withdrawal from physical activity as a disciplinary consequence, both within and outside of the school environment.

Arizona HB2037 - Minimum Recess and Lunch Periods - Requires school districts to provide 30 minutes of recess daily in addition to a minimum 20 minute lunch period to each pupil in grades one through six.

Michigan Board of Education L…
If you're part of a team writing a new school board policy or researching background information for the development of a school board policy on health related items you may want to take a look at the newly announced National School Board Association's web-based resource of Promising District Practices and policies database.

The website features a searchable database of local school district
successes in developing, implementing, and eval…
Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools: Leading the Way Toward
Healthier Youth is available from the CDC.

Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools

The CDC developed a set of four audience-specific fact sheets as a resource for school
staff, parents, and youth to use in support of developing strong
nutrition standards that will impact the health of students at school.
These fact sheets answer commonly asked questions about the Nutrition
Standards for …